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18 DIY Holiday Gifts

These are the best 18 DIY Holiday Gifts to give this season! Sometimes (and maybe oftentimes) the gifts you create are the best gifts. But we know that coming up with the ideas are most of the battle, so today we’re helping ignite your creativity with these 18 DIY Holiday Gifts (+ 9 DIY eco-friendly gift wrap and packaging ideas).

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9 DIY Edible Holiday Gifts

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You can never go wrong with gifting food. Everyone loves a sweet (or savory) treat bundled up in a cute package (see below for ideas).

  1. Peanut Butter Fudge
  2. Vegan Puppy Chow
  3. Chocolate Chip Cookies
  4. Molasses Cookies
  5. Incredibly Easy Chocolate Popcorn Bites
  6. Homemade Marshmallows
  7. Chocolate Hazelnut Cookie Drops
  8. Coconut Manna Salted Toffee Fudge
  9. Festive Coconut Sugar Cookies with Coconut Icing

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The holiday season is a time when many personal and body care items are bought and given. Skip the high price tags (and chemicals), and opt to make your own. These 9 ideas will not disappoint!

  1. Peppermint Body Scrub
  2. Hemp and Honey Lip Balm
  3. Homemade Lavender Coconut Oil Body Wash
  4. Coconut Oil Makeup Remover Pads
  5. Brown Sugar and Coconut Oil Body Scrub
  6. Chocolate Coconut Sugar Scrub
  7. Spiced Coffee Lotion Bars
  8. Vanilla Cinnamon Latte Body Scrub
  9. Healing Cuticle Balm


9 DIY Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap and Packaging Ideas

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What is a great DIY holiday gift without the best gift wrap and packaging for it? Not only do we love these 9 ideas, but they are all eco-friendly.

  1. Mason jars
  2. Brown paper bags (regular size for gift wrap, mini for packaging)
  3. Burlap
  4. Reusable gift bags
  5. Pinecones
  6. Twine
  7. Fabric
  8. Stamps
  9. Paper raffia ribbon

Have you ever given DIY holiday gifts? What were they? Leave a comment below to share!

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