Our Story


The first Nutiva Product

It began with a man with a passion for wholesome organic foods. Our Founder John Roulac launched Nutiva with 500 hemp seed bars. Our name was also hemp-inspired: Nutiva-NUT of a Cannabis satIVA.


Nutiva launches coconut oil

In 2002, Nutiva launches our first organic coconut oil product. We’ve been advocates for the nourishing, versatile properties of cold-pressed, minimally processed coconut oil ever since.


Helping hemp declare victory over the DEA

Nutiva was a key player in fighting for the legalization of hemp-based food products. We continue to advocate for your right to nutrient-dense, organic foods made without chemical or GMO intervention.


Moved to Richmond

As Nutiva was growing quickly and needed a new and bigger home. In 2012, we opened a new facility in The City of Richmond, California and began a number of initiatives to support local schools and citizens.


Palm Done Right

Since 2013, we’ve been working with Natural Habitats & Palm Done Right to create a more sustainable, equitable supply chain for Red Palm Oil, Shortening and Hazelnut Spreads. Each is Fair for Life Certified, Deforestation-Free, Wildlife Friendly and 100% Organic, providing a viable alternative to destructive palm oil practices commonly practiced.


Brought Fair Trade to the Philippines

Trading fairly has always been essential to our business model. In 2015 we brought Fair Trade USA to the Philippines to certify our Virgin Coconut Oil and, as a result, funds from the sale of every jar are now deposited into a community-led fund that supports and empowers farmers and their communities.


Zero-Waste Facility

Through our zero-waste program in 2020, 95% of waste materials from our facility were diverted from landfill and either reused or recycled. Nutiva earned Gold Standard certification from the U.S. Zero Waste Business Council.


The world’s first USDA Certified Organic MCT Oil

Revolutionary thinking brings the world’s first keto-friendly Organic MCT Oil to life with a patented process to deliver clean and concentrated MCT fuel to discerning consumers.


The world’s first USDA Certified Organic MCT Powder

Another Nutiva first, this easy-blending version of Organic MCT Oil delivers the very same clean and concentrated MCT fuel, now easier to mix and with more flavor options.


Glyphosate-free certification

Starting with Chia Seeds and Avocado Oil and soon extending to our entire portfolio, Glyphosate Residue Free certification from The Detox Project extends our commitment to creating pesticide-free superfoods that are truly good for people and the planet.


America’s #1 organic avocado oil

Innovating and creating positive impact once again, we’re working in partnership with over 35,000 independent Ethiopian farmers to make organic avocado oil more accessible than ever before.

Mission & Values

  • Impact

    We strive to make a positive impact in consumers’ lives, in our supply networks and in the world

  • Innovation

    We courageously challenge the status quo with fresh thinking and innovative products

  • Well-Being

    We promote healthy lifestyles and support a community of inclusion

  • Community

    We respect and honor everyone – our people, our consumers, our local and global partners and our planet

  • Tenacity

    We have the grit and dogged determination it takes to revolutionize the way the world eats

Our Real Food Manifesto was born from our belief that a bright future for all is rooted in healthy food.

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