Wholesale Terms

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The majority of our wholesale accounts purchase their Nutiva products through one of our distributors.

Nutiva products are sold and distributed nationally by all the main natural food distributors in the U.S., as well as many smaller, regional/local or specialized natural food distributors, including:

We offer Nutiva Online Wholesale accounts to businesses that do not have access to natural foods distributors, are unable to meet their minimum order requirements for delivery, or cannot get certain Nutiva products through regular distribution.

Nutiva Wholesale is open to businesses in the continental United States only. 

We no longer sell to third party eCommerce re-sellers.

You may apply for a Nutiva Online Wholesale account HERE.

Terms & Conditions

  • Applications are usually approved or denied in 5 business days. If approved, Wholesaler, by purchasing Nutiva products from Nutiva for retail sale, agrees to adhere to the currently effective Nutiva, Inc. Authorized Wholesaler Policy.

  • Wholesale prices are only available for approved Nutiva Online Wholesale customers. Sorry, no free samples.
  • There is a $250 minimum for Nutiva Online Wholesale orders.

  • Items are available in case lots only. For smaller quantities, please see our Online Retail Store.

  • You may have accounts for both our Online Retail Store and Nutiva Online Wholesale. You will need different emails for each account.
  • Nutiva Online Wholesale is for finished goods in retail packaging for resale in the United States of America to end user consumers only; no bulk ingredient sales. If you need larger quantities or bulk ingredients, our Key Accounts department might be able to help. Please email us with your needs at:
  • We are able to provide spec sheets and COAs, organic and kosher certificates for bulk sizes, if needed. Please email us with your request at:

Please Note: These Terms and Conditions and the Nutiva, Inc. Authorized Wholesaler Policy may be updated, amended, or modified at any time, and unless otherwise noted, all such amendments will take effect immediately upon Wholesaler’s continued use, advertising, offering for sale of the Nutiva products, using Nutiva’s intellectual property, or using any other information or materials provided by Nutiva to Wholesaler.

Please Note: These policies may be updated as needed without advance notice.



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