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What is Organic Buttery Flavor?

Everyone is asking, and for great reasons, so we wanted to provide a complete breakdown of exactly what’s in  our organic buttery flavor.

Earlier this year, we launched the Nutiva Organic Buttery Coconut Oil. Friends and fans love the product, making comments like, “In a world? where there is ONLY 1 brand of vegan butter, this organic @nutiva plant? derived BUTTER FLAVORED COCONUT OIL is just pure? heaven,” “I used the new @Nutiva Organic Buttery Coconut Oil and let me just say the flavor profile is ? ?,” and “@nutiva’s new buttery coconut oil and OMG it’s a game changer.”

What is Organic Buttery Flavor? Buttery Coconut Oil
We know the common stigma that surrounds “natural flavors.” But we are proud of the ingredients found in our products, and we are excited to display and discuss them any opportunity we can.

This is what you’ll notice on the Nutiva Organic Buttery Coconut Oil nutritional label.

What is Natural Buttery Flavor? Nutiva Organic Buttery Coconut Oil Nutrition Label

Let’s first review the incredible ingredients you are already familiar with.

Organic Refined Expeller-Pressed Coconut Oil. All the benefits of coconut oil, minus the coconut taste. This coconut oil is steam refined, no chemicals are used.
Nutiva Refined Coconut Oil What is natural buttery flavor?
Organic Fair Trade Unrefined Red Palm Fruit Oil. As part of the Palm Done Right international campaign, the Nutiva Red Palm Oil is not like other palm oils. We are passionate about protecting the environment, animal habitats, and human rights. You can be sure our red palm oil is sustainable, organic, Non-GMO and that no orangutans are harmed.
What is Organic Buttery Flavor? Nutiva Organic Sustainable Red Palm Oil Palm Done Right
But now, for the million-dollar question: What is organic buttery flavor?

What is Organic Vegan Buttery Flavor?

Our vegan buttery flavor in our Buttery Coconut Oil is made from pure certified organic non-GMO plants including sunflower, coconut, and mint. The buttery flavor does not contain any legumes, soy, corn, or corn derivatives. The product is free from peanut products, tree nuts, sesame seeds, dairy products, eggs, fish, shellfish, soy products, wheat, sulfites, and gluten. Our Buttery Coconut Oil also does not contain alliums (onions, garlic, leeks, chives, shallots).

We have poured time, energy, and resources into creating this vegan buttery flavor, and we hope you love it just as much as we do.
What is Organic Buttery Flavor?
Interested in trying the product out, but not sure where to start? Grab our top 5 things to do with Nutiva Organic Buttery Coconut Oil. For even more ideas check out 14 things to do with Organic Vegan Buttery Coconut Oil.

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  1. Angela Heiling says:

    As a raw material buyer – including flavors – I completely understand why a company would not want to reveal their proprietary recipe online. Please, consumers, try to understand that this is not any kind of “underhanded” or “deceitful” move on anyone’s part. It is simply a legal requirement for a manufacturer not to share trade secrets without a nondisclosure agreement in place. Do not take this personally. It has nothing to do with keeping information from the general consumer, and everything to do with maintaining a competitive edge in a tough industry.

    1. Nutiva Team Nutiva says:

      Thanks for understanding, Angela!

  2. Justin says:

    Does it contain any rice or rice product. All of my other allergens are covered, but I need to know about rice specifically. Thank you.

    1. Nutiva Team Nutiva says:

      Hi Justin,
      We encourage you to contact our customer service team by emailing Thanks!

  3. Maria says:

    I’ve been using this product for a while and only through the comments here did I find out it has sunflower in it, to which I’m very sensitive. I’ve been wondering why my asthma has been so bad lately. Now I know. Your product should be more detailed in its labeling for those of us with unusual allergies/sensitivities. I will have to find something else to use in place of this product and if sunflower had been listed on the label I never would have bought it in the first place.

    1. Nutiva Team Nutiva says:

      Hi Maria,
      Thank you for your feedback, though on all of our jars you can find this statement printed on every label: “Our vegan “buttery flavor” is made from pure certified organic non -GMO plants including sunflower, coconut and mint. Our coconuts are sourced from some of the richest soils in Southeast Asia and are never processed with any hexane or other harsh chemicals. This product can be used at low to medium heat.”

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