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Expo West 2020


Don’t Miss Our Events at Expo West 2020!


Wed 3/4: 11AM-4PM

Fresh Ideas Booth #F99

Try fresh popcorn created with our new organic avocado oil!


Thurs 3/5: 11AM & 1:30PM

Italian/Ethiopian fusion comes alive!

Booth #2209

Renowned restaurateur Menbere Aklilu shares avocado oil recipes inspired by her experiences in Ethiopia, Italy and America.


Fri 3/6: 11AM & 2PM; 1PM-2PM (book signing & giveaway)

Recipe sampling & book signing!

Booth #2209

Liana Werner-Gray returns, sharing recipes with CBD and Vegan Ghee at 11AM and 2PM, plus a book signing & giveaway from 1-2PM.


Sat 3/7: 11AM-1PM; 10:30AM-11:30AM (booking signing & giveaway)

Finish up with your neuron firing!

Booth #2209

Stop by to wrap up Expo West with a neuro-supportive smoothie. Then Dr. Newport joins us for a book signing & giveaway from 10:30AM-11:30AM.

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