mayan spiced chocolate power coffee

  • Beverages
  • Cook time
    5 mins
  • Prep time
    5 mins
  • Serving
    8 oz
Key Ingredients


8 oz freshly brewed coffee

½ Scoop Organic Plant Protein Superfood Smoothie

1 ½ tablespoons Organic Coconut Manna

½ packet monk fruit (or honey to taste)

¼ teaspoon cinnamon

⅛ teaspoon cayenne powder

1 itty bitty pinch of sea salt


1. Brew or press your coffee.

2. Get an empty mason jar out with a lid (if you don’t have a milk frother).

3. In your favorite 8oz mug, fill it about half way with coffee.

4. Add the ½ scoop of Nutiva Organic Chocolate Plant Protein Superfood 30 Shake to the coffee

5. Stir.

6. In a mason jar add the Coconut Manna and about ⅛ cup hot water. (We used a milk frother, but putting the lid on a mason jar and vigorously shaking the Coconut Manna and water will froth it nicely as well.)

7. Add the rest of the coffee and pour your desired amount of Coconut Manna “cream” into your power coffee.

8. Enjoy!

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