3 unexpected sweet potato recipes

Key Ingredients


1 small sweet potato

Avocado, cut into slices, as desired

Eggs, 1 per sweet potato slice

Tomato, chopped, as desired


1. Take your sweet potato, and cut it in half.

2. With each half of the sweet potato, cut slices of sweet potato about 1/4 inch thick.

3. Place 1/4 inch thick slices into the toaster and toast, until you’ve reached the level of darkness desired.

4. Lay the slices out flat.

5. Make your egg however you wish. We fried an over easy egg in a little Buttery Coconut Oil.

6. Once the egg is done, cover the sweet potato slice with Buttery Coconut Oil.

7. Then, place the egg and avocado on top.

8. Finally, top with tomato and sprinkle hempseeds over all.

9. Enjoy immediately!

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