vegnews best of expo west award

Natural Products Expo West is one of our favorite events we participate in each year. This year was no exception, especially after we won a VegNews Best of Expo West Award.


Natural Products Expo is the largest trade show for the natural, organic and healthy products industry. Thousands upon thousands of people, companies, brands and products are present each year.

The show always gives us the unique opportunity to showcase brand new and coming soon products. Within this opportunity is the chance for various media, consumers, and buyers to ask questions, learn more and hopefully fall in love with how we are revolutionizing the way the world eats.


This year we showcased two brand new products, the Organic Buttery Coconut Oil, and the Organic Superseed Blend.


Additionally, we released our Organic Chocolate Hazelnut Spread (in both Classic and Dark flavors), along with the Organic Plant Protein Superfood 30 shake (in both Vanilla and Chocolate flavors).


VegNews Best of Expo West Award

The positive response towards all products was overwhelming, but perhaps the greatest honor towards them came late Saturday afternoon when VegNews stopped by our booth to hand us a “Best of Show Awards 2016” for our Organic Chocolate Hazelnut Spread.

The organic chocolate hazelnut spread is vegan and boasts features such as:

  • 40% less sugar than the leading brand
  • non-GMO
  • 450 mg of Omega 3 per serving
  • high in fiber (5x’s that of the leading brand)
  • fair trade and direct trade
  • spreadable and indulgent
  • sustainable vs. conflict palm oil
  • zero artificial flavors

We could not feel more excited to receive this special honor!

The product is now available via and Thrive Market.

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