treats not tricks this halloween

The world could really use more treats instead of tricks this Halloween! Would you agree?

We need to stop the GMO Halloween candy madness this year by handing out non-GMO candies. Today, we are here to help you do just that!


According to the Non-GMO Project, here are 9 GMO ingredients in Halloween candy

  1. Sugar (GMO sugar beets)
  2. High Fructose Corn Syrup (GMO corn)
  3. Corn starch (GMO corn)
  4. Soy lecithin (GMO soy)
  5. Soybean oil (GMO soy)
  6. Modified food starch (GMO corn)
  7. Cottonseed oil (GMO cotton)
  8. Canola oil (GMO rapeseed)
  9. “Other” ingredients: isolates, isoflavones, food starch, vegetable oil

And did you know that many candies we allow our children to consume at Halloween are banned in other countries? Take for example M&M’s. In the EU, they are made with natural colorings. “American companies are marketing safer products in Europe than they’re doing for their customers back home.”

Let’s put an end to this! Let’s vote with our dollars this Halloween by supporting the companies producing non-GMO candies!


Here are 14 ideas to help your favorite little trick-or-treaters enjoy treats not tricks this Halloween:

  1. Chocolove
  2. boom CHOCO boom Dark Chocolate Bars
  3. YumEarth Organics Lollipops (+ more)
  4. Gin-Gins
  5. Glee Gum
  6. GoOrganic Candies
  7. NibMore
  8. Nutiva Organic O’Coconut Classic + Hemp & Chia
  9. Stretch Island Fruit Co.
  10. Sun Cups
  11. Surf Sweets Jelly Beans (+ more)
  12. Tasty Gummies (+more)
  13. TruJoy Organic Choco Chews (+ more)
  14. Unreal Candies

You can find thousands more Non-GMO products HERE.

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Your turn to tell us: What are your favorite Non-GMO Halloween treats?

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