top 5 things to pack for your summer travels

Summer wouldn’t be complete without a long road trip, family vacation or a single-day escape!

Pack up and head out with superior quality, wholesome food and products. Get prepared with these top 5 things to pack for your summer travels.

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In no particular order…

1. Super Superfood Granola Bars: The standard granola bar is a traveling staple. The problem with the standard granola bar is that it’s just that – standard. We have a granola bar recipe for you that will blow your Superfood socks off! Bonus: making these yourself also allows you to cut into whatever sized squares you want to fill all bellies traveling with you.

2. O’Coconut (Classic and/or Hemp and Chia): We believe that made-from-scratch and home cookin’ are best. Let’s face it, that’s not always realistic, especially while enjoying the world via travel! Grab several of our .5oz O’Coconut Bars to carry along with you, and have the super energy you’ll need all day long.

3. Sunscreen. No, this is not an edible travel item, but nonetheless an essential travel item! We know you never leave home during the summer without sunscreen. Unfortunately, the standard sunscreens are filled with chemicals. Problem solved…..give our DIY Sunscreen with Coconut Oil a try! (Click HERE to instantly share this simple recipe with your Twitter followers.)

4. Date Nut Treats: Hempseeds, Chia seeds, Coconut Manna….bundled in one, beautiful traveling ball! Not only are these easy to make and carry along with you, but they are jam-packed with the finest nutrition your summer traveling soul needs!

5. “Just Add Chia Seeds” Beverage(s): Nothing quenches thirst on a hot, summer day than a cool, refreshing iced tea beverage. Make the iced tea of your choice ahead of time, just add chia seeds and carry the delicious beverage along with you in a water bottle or jug for easy sipping access. Need some quick and easy recipe ideas? Try: Iced Mint Tea with Chia Seeds, Iced Tea + Lemonade with Chia Seeds, Iced Black Tea with Chia Seeds and/or Iced Green Tea with White Chia Seeds.

Your turn to tell us: what do you always pack along with you for summer traveling?

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