the benefits of growing & eating organic

Our team attended several sessions while at Natural Products Expo West 2015. One of the favorites was, “The Science Supporting Organic Benefits” presented by Dr. Jessica Shade, Director of Science Programs at The Organic Center.

At Nutiva, we believe in the power of Organic. In fact, all of our products are Certified Organic. And according to the research presented, 80% of people eat Organic at some point.

What is Organic?

Organic means that no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers have been used. It means no GMOs. It means no antibiotics, artificial ingredients, preservatives or irradiation. It is regulated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and undergoes annual audits. (For more on Organic, click HERE.)

Organic Benefits

No pesticides. “Eating an organic diet for a week can reduce pesticide exposure by 96%.” Pesticides have been linked to asthma, poor lung function, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, Alzheimer’s Disease, Autism, Diabetes, Depression and more. In addition to the potential human health effects, pesticides have negative effects on the environment and on the critical pollinators.

No agricultural antibiotics and growth hormone exposure. Studies continue to show that the use of antibiotics in agriculture contributes to resistance, and the World Health Organization has declared this a global epidemic.

Better taste and nutrition. When compared to conventional crops, Organic crops have up to 69% higher levels of antioxidants.

Good for the environment. With all the pesticides and chemicals, our bee population is declining, and many crops depend on the bee population for survival.

Water Quality. Our water quality decreases with the use of pesticides creating nutrient runoff (dead zones, algal booms) and pesticide runoff.

Climate Change. Jessica discussed carbon sequestration in soil (bonus material: “The Solution Under Our Feet: How Regenerative Organic Agriculture Can Save the Planet.”), decreased energy use and less greenhouse gas release as a result of going Organic.

Humans aren’t the only ones to benefit from Organic. Organic extends to positive impacts for: birds, insects, amphibians, mammals and plants – all of which are critical to the environment.

Soil Health. Organic means we have higher soil nutrition levels, a higher microbial diversity and activity and better soil structure.

The benefits of Organic are countless, but just in case you need more information and reasons to choose Organic:

  • Top 12 Reasons to Go Organic
  • 5 Facts to Know About GMOs
  • Organic Facts


In the comments below, tell us: Why do you choose Organic for yourself, your family and your friends?

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