students are thriving at the tamesna school in niger

At Nutiva, we believe that all kids deserve access to healthy food and education, which is why we support The Nomad Foundation through our 1% giving program. 1% of Nutiva’s sales are donated to sustainable agricultural and environmental programs throughout the world. We’ve donated $2 million so far!

The Nomad Foundation created the Tamesna Center for Nomadic Life, which includes a school that now has 44 elementary school students. Niger is the second poorest country in the world with the highest infant mortality rate in the world—thirty percent (30%) of children die before the age of five. There is only one medical doctor for every 75,000 people. Only one third of primary school age children attend school. 4.2% go on to attend high school.

In search of pasture, the nomadic Tuareg and Wodaabe of Niger, roam the Sahara desert. The Nomad Foundation has worked for 14 years to help the nomads support themselves, by focusing on access to the 5 essentials: WATER, FOOD, EDUCATION, HEALTH and WORK. Nutiva specifically supports the gardening education program that teaches visitors to the center how to grow their own moringa and onions, both highly nutritious and prized foods, to carry with them during their migration.

You can support this amazing program through the following methods:

• Sponsor a Student
• Support Sustainable Building
• Buy an Animal for a Nomad
• Buy Nomad Jewelry
• Make a Donation

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