find out how nutiva supports regenerative agriculture in the philippines

At Nutiva we give back 1% of sales to sustainable agriculture, because we believe in its ability to nourish people and the planet as well as revolutionize the food system. We also invest in countries in which we have an impact, such as the Philippines, where the majority of our coconuts are grown.


Therefore, we welcomed the opportunity to provide a grant that was matched by the Mayor of the Municipality of Zarraga John H. Tarrosa, Philippines in support of an organic System of Rice Intensification (SRI).

The Philippines is the 8th largest rice producer in the world. This food staple is important for the country’s economy as well as the global food supply. Rice is traditionally grown in the Philippines with a healthy dose of chemical inputs. The Zarraga Integrated Diversified Organic Farmers Association (ZIDOFA) wants to change that.

ZIDOFA is revolutionizing the way rice is grown in the Philippines by replacing chemical inputs with a rich organic fertilizer that’s increasing crop yields and getting the attention of farmers and government officials.

The fertilizer utilizes locally available farm materials such as decomposed and carbonized rice hull, coconut juice, seaweed, fish and animal manure, and rice bran. Its application on rice fields is rehabilitating soils, sequestering carbon and reducing methane emissions, using 50% less water, and providing healthy and safe food for all.

ZIDOFA’s fertilizer employs the bokashi composting system, which is a faster fermentation process compared to conventional composting. Bokashi makes use of effective microorganisms. It has been proven effective in restoring the biodiversity of soil after being ravaged and destroyed by chemicals and poisons during previous conventional cultivation.


Rice grown using the organic SRI all manifest substantial roots, which allows plants to sequester organic and atmospheric carbon deeper into the soil as opposed to the roots of conventionally grown rice. SRI rice plants are also able to access moisture deep in the soil, thus allowing it to survive and even flourish during drought conditions.

Conventional methods of food cultivation using heavy chemical inputs have been ravaging farmlands and causing higher carbon footprints for years. Nutiva supports regenerative agriculture projects such as SRI because it demonstrates that food doesn’t have to be grown this way. The only way to meet global food demand and restore our planet’s resources is through organic regenerative methods that restore the soil, restore the nutrients and health benefits of the food, and reclaim the soul of farming.

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