conscious kitchen: a revolutionary school food program

We were excited to spend a day volunteering at a project of Teens Turning Green, one of the organizations we support through our 1% donation program. Teens Turning Green works closely with kids and teenagers to instill an awareness of environmental and food issues to develop tomorrow’s environmental leaders.

Nutiva employees gathered at Martin Luther King Elementary school in Marin City, CA to work alongside students in the school garden, as well as serve lunch in their Conscious Kitchen.

The garden provides a beautiful learning platform for science and nature and gives students a way to connect with their food and community. Working with 6th and 7th grade students, and their garden instructor Paloma, we harvested garlic they had planted. The garlic was washed and brought inside where the students took the lead and made delicious garlic bread.

During lunch time, the Nutiva staff had the pleasure of plating and serving lunch for all the students at the school. Working in partnership with Teens Turning Green, Martin Luther King Elementary created the Conscious Kitchen. The Conscious Kitchen is a fresh, local, organic, seasonal, non-GMO, zero-waste school food program. The funds from Teens Turning Green support Chef Maggie, who works alongside the existing cafeteria kitchen staff. Together they create delicious meals from scratch using local ingredients. The lunch we served featured hamburgers, potato salad, green salad and fruit.

In addition to creating more healthful and delicious meals for students, the higher quality food also draws teachers and administrators into the cafeteria for lunch. This creates more interaction between students and staff, helping to build stronger relationships.

We donate 1% of sales to sustainable agriculture and environmental programs. Learn more about the organizations we support.

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