changing lives of coconut farmers

We’re changing lives of coconut farmers, one jar of coconut oil at a time. Your purchase of our organic coconut oil is helping hundreds of farmers in the Philippines.

our mission

The mission of our 1% Program is to nurture people and planet by supporting the advancement of healthy communities and ecologically regenerative agriculture. Through our 1% Program we have given away over $4.5 million to date. In 2015 we fulfilled our pledge to donate 100,000 coconut seedlings to our coconut farmers in the Philippines, and over the past year and a half these seedlings have been distributed to hundreds of farmers.


challenges farmers face

According to Grameen Foundation, “more than a third of the country’s 7,107 islands have no banking infrastructure, leaving almost half of Filipinos without formal financial services like saving accounts. Smallholder farmers in the Philippines, including coconut farmers who supply a one billion dollar industry, are highly vulnerable to natural disasters of increasing intensity. Without easy access to credit and insurance they have little means to recover and rebuild.”
We saw the opportunity to help solve societal problems, specifically with the family scale farmers supplying our organic coconut oil. Despite their efforts, these farmers are unable to overcome the obstacles that keep them in poverty.

changing lives of coconut farmers

We partnered with Grameen Foundation, a global nonprofit organization that brings innovative and sustainable solutions to fight against poverty and hunger. Together with local partners, Grameen Foundation equips families, women, and small farmers with resources and services that expand financial inclusion, strengthen resilience, enhance health and improve livelihoods. We support Grameen Foundation’s FarmerLink Program which helps coconut farmers increase productivity, deal with crop pest and diseases and increase the sustainability of their farms.
Our donation of 100,000 coconut seedlings:

     -  Replaced old trees that were no longer producing coconuts
     -  Replaced trees that had been destroyed during typhoons
     -  Provided new, young trees to increase overall yield

Environmental Responsibility Report to learn about how we are nourishing people and planet.

Thank you for helping us revolutionize the way the world eats!

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