25 ways to satisfy your chocolate craving

What do you do when that chocolate craving hits? Satisfy it, of course! Here are 25 ways to satisfy your chocolate craving with Nutiva Chocolate Hazelnut Spreads!

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all the fruit

dark chocolate and beautiful toast


colorful and delicious #toasttuesday


sweet potato bowl


loaded sprouted grain bread


blackberry and coconut vegan waffles


cinnamon maple baked sweet potato fries


protein peanut butter chocolate rice cake


whole wheat pancakes


chocolate covered strawberry superfood toast


baked banana donuts


raspberry acai bowl


banana ice cream


coconut ice cream


sweet & savory rice cakes


chocolate chip cup cookies

french toast with carmelized bananas


dark chocolate hazelnut frozen mousse bars


cherry chocolate smoothie bowl


simple bowl of apples


vegan s’mores cake


chocolate peanut butter banana pizza


nice cream parfait


stovetop oats and fresh fruit

raspberry almond thumbprint cookies


How do you satisfy a chocolate craving? Tell us in the comments below!


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