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Our Community Social Responsibility

We dream of sustainable food systems that nourish people and the planet. For us, seeking and discovering and bringing to you the world’s most nutritious superfoods, nutrient-dense powerhouses that can be grown and processed sustainably, is not enough to realize our goals.

Our founder, John Roulac, believes that corporations can lead the world in positive change and, in fact, have a responsibility to do so. Believing deeply in social responsibility and corporate giving, he launched the 1% Program that donates 1% of Nutiva’s sales (not profits, sales!) each year to programs that support the advancement of healthy communities and ecologically sustainable agriculture.

Since 1999, we have donated over $4 million to these programs.

Regenerative Farming

We support biodiversity, permaculture, seed diversity, composting, native planting, integrated pest management, conservation, small-scale organic farming, and the cessation of pesticide and herbicide use.

Environmental Activism

We support GMO labeling and awareness, industrial hemp farming, fair trade, food justice, food sovereignty, reduction of food waste, and environmental leadership.

Trees & Gardens

We support tree planting, school gardens, community gardens, gardening education, backyard edible gardens, farmers markets, and community supported agriculture programs (CSAs).

Healthy Communities

We support wellness, healthful school lunches, nutritional awareness, community restoration, youth outreach, local organic food programs, and healthful community initiatives.

Community Outreach

We offer Community Outreach events for our team members, which is paid time to make a difference in the community. We donate 1% of sales to causes that support: Sustainable Farming, Food & Environmental Activism, Trees & Gardens, and Healthy Communities. And we are continually working to green our facilities and operations, better protect our environment and ensure a better quality of life for our team, customers, partners and the communities we serve.

Outreach Events

Community Outreach events have included beach clean up with The Watershed Project, planting urban gardens at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service with Urban Tilth, planting fruit trees at Richmond College Prep School with Common Vision, delivering nutritious food for the Bay Area Rescue Mission youth holiday celebration, and hosting a free Basketball Camp for local Richmond youth.


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