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The 1-Step Guide to Better Meals

We put together The 1-Step Guide to Better Meals  because we know the stigma out there, “….but getting in the desired superfoods every day is too difficult.”

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We love full recipes, complete with too-good-to-be-true ingredients but we also know that these days everyone is scrambling from here-to-there, trying to simply keep up with life.

And yet, friends, fans, and customers tell us daily how they don’t want to sacrifice flavor or maximizing the nutritional value of the food they consume. We couldn’t agree with you more, and because we know there are a multitude of ways to do this, we came up with The 1-Step Guide to Better Meals.

42 Simple Ways to Better Meals

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We have taken 42 common things our friends and fans eat daily and added a simple boost option to all of them.

We hope you’ll find many new and creative ways to add a boost to every single meal.

  1. Chia seed stirred into yogurt
  2. Chia seed stirred in water, juice and/or kombucha
  3. Chia seed stirred into coconut milk (and then make a basic chia pudding)
  4. Chia seed + berries + milk blended together to form popsicles
  5. Chia seed as an egg substitute
  6. https:/Chia seed stirred in oatmeal and topped with fruit
  7. Hempseed sprinkled on salad
  8. Hempseed sprinkled over cut up fruit with nut butter + cinnamon
  9. Hempseed sprinkled over toast + nut butter (bonus: make it Organic Chocolate Hazelnut Spread)
  10. Hempseed sprinkled on top of cut tomatoes drizzled with hemp oil and basil
  11. Coconut Sugar stirred into oatmeal
  12. Coconut Sugar stirred into tea
  13. Coconut Sugar added to canned pumpkin
  14. Coconut Manna added to a smoothie
  15. Coconut Manna melted over dessert (ice cream, brownies, cookies, cake, etc.)
  16. Coconut Manna melted into oatmeal
  17. Coconut Manna spread on toast
  18. Coconut Manna spread on pancakes
  19. Coconut Manna melted and mixed into pasta sauce, forming a creamy pasta sauce
  20. Coconut Manna Bites (super simple recipe for Paleo Coconut Butter Bites)
  21. Buttery Coconut Oil to fry an egg
  22. Buttery Coconut Oil stirred into rice
  23. Buttery Coconut Oil melted with popcorn popping in it
  24. Buttery Coconut Oil melted on toast, then topped with avocado, egg and hempseed
  25. Buttery Coconut Oil melted over cooked popcorn
  26. Chocolate Hazelnut Spread on toast
  27. Chocolate Hazelnut Spread with fruit dipping into it The 1-Step Guide to Healthier Meals Fruit + Nutiva Organic Chocolate Hazelnut Spread
  28. Chocolate Hazelnut Spread on pancakes/crepes
  29. Chocolate Hazelnut Spread mixed into hot milk (Hot Chocolate, anyone?)
  30. Hemp Oil in salad dressing
  31. Coconut Oil to season a cast iron skillet
  32. Coconut Oil drizzled over a sweet potato then sprinkled with cinnamon + crumbled walnuts
  33. Plant Protein in a shaker bottle with milk of choice + ice
  34. Plant Protein mixed into yogurt
  35. Plant Protein stirred into oats
  36. Superseed blend sprinkled on top of smoothie bowl
  37. Superseedy blend (granola, nuts, Chia Seeds, Hempseeds, cacao nibs, Superseed blend)
  38. Chocolate Hazelnut Spread, Coconut Oil, Coconut Manna – by the spoonful
  39. Red Palm Oil to saute your favorite stir fry
  40. Red Palm Oil stirred into quinoa
  41. Red Palm Oil to roast cauliflower
  42. Buttery Coconut Oil/Coconut Oil in coffee

Ready to try these simple and delicious ideas? Grab your Chia Seeds, Hempseeds, Coconut Sugar, Coconut Manna, Buttery Coconut Oil, Chocolate Hazelnut Spread, Hemp Oil, Coconut Oil, Plant Protein, Superseed Blend, and/or Red Palm Oil.

What else would you add to our 1-Step Guide to Better Meals? Share in the comments below.

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