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Give Your Morning Coffee a Simple Boost

There are probably a thousand different ways to drink that morning cup ‘o joe: with sugar, without sugar, with frothed milk, with coconut milk, with honey and almond milk or coconut sugar and organic creamer, etc., etc.
Immersion A
But recently, a new way of drinking the morning glory has entered thousands of cups: the “Bulletproof” way.
The original Bulletproof coffee is the idea of entrepreneur Dave Asprey, founder of Bulletproof Lifestyle.
The aim is to “bulletproof” yourself against fatigue, flab and chronic diseases such as arthritis (something Asprey himself suffered from at just 14).” This magic brew “contains a blend of top-quality filter coffee, two tablespoons of high-grade coconut oil and two tablespoons of unsalted butter. It’s said to train the body to burn fat instead of sugars, and to enhance physical well-being and cognitive ability beyond your wildest imaginings.
Overtime, people have implemented their own versions of “Bulletproof” with the likes of using Ghee (instead of butter) and adding in additional spices, using vanilla and stevia and more.
But there is yet another way to enjoy that morning cup ‘o joe while reaping some extra benefits: adding just coconut oil to your morning cup.
Ingredients A
Proponents of this method say that all we really need are the MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) benefits, which are found in coconut oil, and they also say that this way is the simplest way.
We decided to blend up our own coffee + coconut oil concoction. Join along!
The secret lies with the blending.
You must use a blender in order for your coffee + Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil beverage to turn out perfect.
We tested 2 different blending methods to share with you.
For both methods you’ll need:

  • 1 c. Organic Coffee (Fair Trade is preferred. Learn more about Fair Trade Coffee)
  • 1 tbsp. Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil

Ingredients C
Small Blender Method
Place your ingredients in a small blender.
Small Blender Step 1
Blend for about 5-8 seconds.
Small Blender Step 2
Serve and enjoy!
Blender A
Immersion Stick Method
Place your ingredients in the small container that came with the immersion stick (or a medium-sized bowl if you don’t have the container).
Immersion Stick A
Ensure immersion stick is fully inserted into the liquid (it should touch the bottom of your container/bowl).
Immersion Stick Process A
Note: you must be certain that the stick is all the way down so the liquid doesn’t fly everywhere.
Immersion Stick Process B
Blend for about 5-8 seconds.
Immersion Stick Process C
Serve and enjoy!
Immersion C

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  1. Ron Swanson says:

    Hi, I don’t drink coffee but I do have a cup of chamomile tea at night would you suggest I try this with a cup of tea?

    1. Nutiva Team Nutiva says:

      Hi Ron – Great question. You could give it a try to see if it’s a flavor profile you enjoy. Let us know if you enjoy it!

  2. Eddie says:

    I really don’t get what the big deal with using a blender is…I have been using buttered coffee (with coconut oil) every morning for 3 years now and am perfectly happy to simply use a spoon to stir it…why bother with having to clean out a greasy blender every morning, just to get that “latte foam” look? Plus I’ve never seen or experienced any “unpalatable oil slick” on top…maybe because I just take it all down in one or two gulps…are people sitting around SIPPING this stuff? Pshaw!

    1. Andrew Mazer says:

      I just noticed your post, Eddie. I just posted almost the same thing. Please tell me, have you experienced any specific benefits from coconut oil in your coffee? Do you use butter in your coffee too?

  3. Andrew Mazer says:

    I started drinking the coffee with coconut oil WITHOUT blending. I just stir it in. I tried with the blender and that nice but I prefer not to have to clean the blender or make all that noise with the blender (I wake up early and don’t want to disturb the family).
    I assume I’m NOT missing out on any benefit just because I’m not blending. Any comments?

  4. Kendra says:

    I always and coconut oil to my coffee but didn’t know to blend it will have to do it this way from now on. Thanks for the tips.

  5. Mac says:

    I would add two tips.
    I’ve been making my coffee this way for some years now, and agree that blending makes all the difference, as the foam gives it a wonderful “mouth feel”. However, even though I do own a Cuisinart immersion stick blender, it is not necessary for this purpose. My preference is to use the much simpler, tiny “milk frother” type of immersion blender such as the Aerolatte, right in the mug I am using, so cleanup is incredibly easy! The little Aerolatte type is handheld and runs on two AA batteries, basically a glorified mini-whisk, and in the package as sold at Bed Bath & Beyond it also comes with a travel case. This could be the solution for the person who wants to make their bulletproof coffee at work, because it is so small and so quiet. You would probably find this frother displayed with kitchen tools or near the coffee section rather than small appliances. Amazon tells me that Ikea also makes one that is much cheaper, but without the travel case. This is what it looks like:
    The other discovery I have made is to switch to the Nutiva REFINED coconut oil, which has a neutral taste but all the same benefits, and is half the cost of the virgin coconut oil! The difference is that it is derived from dried coconuts instead of fresh.

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