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20 Ways to Use Organic Unrefined Red Palm Oil

Today we’re sharing with you 20 Ways to Use Organic Unrefined Red Palm Oil.

We love organic unrefined red palm oil, but we know there is a stigma out there that all palm oil is created equal.

It is not.

Our organic unrefined red palm oil is not like most other palm oils. (Learn all about it: Superfood Snapshot: Everything You Want to Know About Red Palm Oil)


We are passionate about protecting the environment, and conflict palm oil is destroying the environment.

You can be sure that our Organic Unrefined Red Palm Oil is sustainable, organic, non-GMO and habitat safe.

With that said, cooking and baking with unrefined red palm oil is not only a nutrient-rich option but also an absolutely delicious option. A mild carrot-like flavor, with a rich, buttery texture makes unrefined red palm oil appealing and desirable for many recipes.

Today, we are sharing 20 favorite recipes for using Organic Unrefined Red Palm Oil to help get you started using it in your own kitchen.


20 Ways to Use Organic Unrefined Red Palm Oil

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  1. No-Bake Herbed Nuts
  2. Basil-Baked Chicken Flatbread Sandwich
  3. Slow-Cooked Lemon-Pepper Chicken Drummies
  4. Sweet Potato Fries
  5. Grilled Turkey Drumsticks
  6. Sweet Putanesea
  7. Paleo Salade Nicoise
  8. Corn Grits with Sautéed Kale and Goat Cheddar Cheese
  9. Crust-Free Quiche with Red Palm
  10. Red Palm Oil Fish Tacos
  11. Perfect Guacamole with Red Palm and Hempseed
  12. Middle Eastern Kale Salad with Red Palm Oil
  13. Red Palm Oil Popcorn
  14. Hemp Hummus with Red Palm Oil
  15. Red Palm Oil BBQ Sauce 
  16. Deviled Eggs with Red Palm Aioli
  17. Red Quinoa and Porcini Mushroom Pilaf
  18. Coconut Curried Red Lentil Soup with Spinach
  19. Red Lentil Stew with Chard
  20. Rockin’ Red Palm and Hemp Pesto

In the comments below, share with us your favorite way to use Nutiva Organic Unrefined Red Palm Oil.

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  1. Dipti says:

    Is it suitable for high temperature cooking/deep frying (e.g., making homemade French fries with regular organic white potatoes where temperature can get pretty high and the good oils can produce highly carcinogenic acrylamide? It is recommended to use organically grown & pasture raised lard/tallow for such high temperature coking (like, homemade French fries or similar type of high temp coking). However, if one is vegetarian or doesn’t want to use animal fat/shortening for such purpose, can palm oil be the substitute and will be a suitable medium for these type of high temp cooking? Thanks and will greatly appreciate your input.

    1. Nutiva Team Nutiva says:

      Hi! Thank you for your question! Using any cooking oil over the recommended temperature can result in oxidation, which is thought to have negative health effects. Virgin Coconut Oil can be used at up to 350°F, Refined Coconut Oil can be used at up to 400°F, and Unrefined Red Palm Oil can be used at up to 300°F.

  2. Tiffany says:

    How about frying a whole turkey?

    1. Nutiva Team Nutiva says:

      Hi Tiffany,
      The smoke point for the red palm oil is 300°F, typically frying requires 365-375 degrees, so Organic Red Palm Oil would not be the best choice for this high of heat. We hope this helps!

  3. Becca Heflin says:

    Red palm oil sounds like a healthy option to add to my diet and these recipes sound fantastic, but here’s my problem/question.
    Have you tried baking cakes or cookies with it? Unfortunately, I’m allergic to all forms of coconut, so the all-healthy coconut oil and coconut flour are NOT options for me.
    I can’t imagine carrots tasting very good in baked goods (other than a carrot cake!). If red palm oil isn’t a good baking option, can you suggest something besides coconut products that is low glycemic that I can use instead??

    1. Nutiva Team Nutiva says:

      Hi, Becca! Yes, you can use Red Palm Oil in baking. Red Palm Oil has a buttery flavor and is reddish-orange in color. If that flavor and/or strong coloring won’t work well with what you’re baking, then we would not recommend it. Otherwise, it is a great option.

      1. Andy says:

        Hi, so Im confused here about baking with red palm oil. The Nutiva responses are not clear to me. So is Nutiva saying its ok to bake with red palm oil above 300 F even with the mention of potential negative health effects? Or do they not believe that there are negative health effects or are just minimal? Or are they saying that its ok to bake with red palm oil but just not above 300 F?
        And just to clear up confusion from some other posts… This unrefined red palm oil is awesome in baked goods…does not taste like carrots much unless you eat it raw…which is also goody lol

        1. Nutiva Team Nutiva says:

          Hi Andy,
          The smoke point for the Organic Red Palm Oil is 300°F, and we recommend using for cooking or baking up to 300 degrees. Hope this helps.

  4. ed says:

    how about deep frying a turkey in refined palm oil ?

    1. Nutiva Team Nutiva says:

      Refined Coconut Oil has a neutral scent and flavor. The smoke point of Nutiva refined coconut oil is 450°F / 232 °C.

  5. Merry obrien says:

    Question would this work in cold smoothies? Or would it congeal? Trying any means to add fat to husband with cancer’s diet.

    1. Nutiva Team Nutiva says:

      Hi Merry! We would recommend melting the Red Palm Oil before blending it into a smoothie. Thanks!

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