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Mission & Values Our Mini-festo

In a world where the industrialized food system has led us down a tangled path, where food choices have been reduced to the lesser-of-evils, and where distrust reigns, we are the champions of the greater good.

Tireless seekers of pure and delicious foods that will nourish our bodies and our planet, we have devoted ourselves to a dream, a vision, a mission. We will revolutionize the way the world eats! And in so doing we will bring nourishment and balance, health and well being, sustainability and community to people and planet.

We know change is hard but we want to make it easy. We went out looking for the kind of foods that packed a powerful amount of nutrition into every bite, so that you could make small changes to big effect.

We found superfoods – nutrient-dense powerhouses that can also be grown and processed in a sustainable way. These are foods that are truly good for you and for the planet. They’re foods like hemp and coconut, chia and red palm. They’re organic, full of vital nutrition, easy to use and delicious additions to your diet.

We say food doesn’t have to be a choice between the lesser of evils. We say let food lead us to a better world. We say super people deserve superfoods. We say, come join us in our mission.

Together, we can change the world.


Nutiva challenges the status quo and creates an eco-positive impact.


Nutiva nourishes people and planet.


Nutiva is dedicated to a vital and sustainable world.


Nutiva believes that health is our greatest wealth.

Leadership Team

Our executive team brings together retail experts and superfoods visionaries.

John Roulac


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John Roulac Founder

John founded Nutiva in 1999 to create a better food system that nourishes people, communities and our planet. As a vocal challenger of the industrial food system, he is a strong advocate for hemp agriculture, GMO labeling, organic farming and healthy food for all. Through his leadership, Nutiva has been named one of Inc. Magazine’s fastest-growing food companies in America for five consecutive years.

John is a keynote speaker on sustainability, trends in the organic food industry, purpose-driven companies and the impact of genetically engineered food. He has founded four nonprofit groups including GMO Inside and the Nutiva Nourish Foundation, which donates 1% of Nutiva’s sales to support regenerative agriculture and other environmental programs.

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Steven Naccarato

Chief Executive Officer

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Steven Naccarato Chief Executive Officer

Steven Naccarato was a pioneer in the development of organic virgin coconut oil as a successful mass consumer product, helping to launch Nutiva’s coconut oil product line in 2002. His technical expertise not only helped to overcome the packaging and seal security issues inherent in the manufacture of this product, but was also instrumental in developing and maintaining the primary supply from the Philippines.

In the 30+ years of food & supplement experience, Steve’s evident ability to develop strong businesses, client relationships, and products has culminated in the development of 400+ new products and packaging, including private label items for many major retailers, distributors, and health and nutrition brand owners. Results-oriented, he has also successfully negotiated custom packaging contracts with major multi-national companies.

Steven is grateful to be a part of the health and wellness community offering organic regenerative foods. When he isn’t traveling around the world he enjoys spending time with his four boys in Canada.

Neil Blomquist

Senior Advisor

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Neil Blomquist Senior Advisor

Neil is a leading expert in the national products industry with over 37 years of success building iconic brands for top companies. His expertise has been focused in retailing, distribution, brand marketing, product sourcing, product development and organizational management.

Neil was the CEO of Spectrum Organic Products, the leading producer of natural and organic culinary and nutraceutical oils, condiments, and essential fatty acid supplement oils in North America. Neil oversaw the daily operation of the company and led its double-digit annual growth in sales and profits. He also served as the driving force behind strategic supply-side management and new product development, launching an average of six new products per year.

Neil also served as the COO for Numi Tea, a leading organic and fair tea company, where he oversaw Finance, Operations, IT and Customer Service.

Neil is currently on the Board of Directors for the American Botanical Council and the Rudolf Steiner Foundation, Social Finance, and has served as Chair of the Organic Standards Subcommittee for Oils in the development of the Organic Foods Act of 1990.

Neil was born in South Dakota and received his B.A. in business management and economics from the University of South Dakota. He currently resides in Sebastopol, California.

Chris Amsler

Executive Vice President of Global Sales

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Chris Amsler Executive Vice President of Global Sales

Chris is an experienced brand builder in the health & wellness industry with a track record of success over twenty+ years. From pioneering startups, to leading transformational change, to acquisition, he has had an impact on 100s of brands, across multiple categories, in all channels of trade. He has built lasting relationships at every stage of the supply chain and is as comfortable in the warehouse as in the board room. He has key expertise in building brand strategies, including developing pricing, distribution and trade marketing plans for large diverse brand portfolios and the focused, flawless execution of the plans.

Chris was a pioneer in successfully bringing high protein nutritional supplements to the market in the late 1990’s and a prominent figure expanding distribution of low carbohydrate foods and leading brands to natural and mainstream retailers.

As Director of Sales for a leading health & wellness brokerage Chris structured and lead a large sales team through significant and dynamic growth of the business, through to successful acquisition by NSS\Acosta.

Chris feels so fortunate to have been a part of such an incredibly successful growth journey, having the opportunity to meet literally 100s of influential business entrepreneurs and leaders in the health & wellness industry.

Chris is thrilled to lead Nutiva’s global sale’s effort, help spread the word and support the regenerative ag movement and revolutionize the way the world eats.

When not immersed in the business Chris is family focused and enjoys the outdoors, reading and playing scrabble.

Caroline Hersom

Director of Supply Chain Operation Planning

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Caroline Hersom Director of Supply Chain Operation Planning

Caroline is a cross-functional team leader bringing nearly 10 years of manufacturing experience from dynamic CPG environments. Caroline oversees all facets of Nutiva’s end to end supply chain, including Master Scheduling, Co-packer Management, Capacity and Constraint Management, Procurement, Order Fulfillment, and Logistics.

Caroline graduated with a BA in Biological Anthropology along with a Certificate of Purchasing and Supply Chain Management from University of California, San Diego and is an APICS member. She enjoys traveling the world in search of rare fruits and rock climbing.

Prapti Rana

People & Payroll Manager

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Prapti Rana People & Payroll Manager

Prapti Rana is the People & Payroll Manager at Nutiva, with the responsibility of heading all People & Culture activities.  Prapti’s mission is to uphold Nutiva’s pillar of ‘placing our people first’ and maintaining Nutiva’s core value of recognizing and rewarding all team members.

Prapti’s background is in public accounting and tax, receiving her BS from Sonoma State University in Business, with a concentration in Accounting.  She promotes Nutiva’s core value of well-being by exercising daily with her dog Louie.

Dave Ringot

IT Manager

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Dave Ringot IT Manager

Dave Ringot comes to Nutiva with over 20 years of experience in Information Technology. In addition to food production, Dave has worked in a variety of manufacturing environments including biotech, cosmetics & skin care, and engineered motion systems. Dave’s strengths include integrating enterprise systems, metrics and data analytics, and business intelligence systems. He joined Nutiva in December of 2012.

Dave is a native Californian, and currently resides in the East Bay with his wife and two children. In his leisure time, Dave enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, photography, and playing golf.

Yulanda Smith

Director of Marketing

Our Story
















The first Nutiva product

It began with a man with a passion for wholesome organic foods. Our founder John Roulac launched Nutiva with 500 hemp seed bars. We’ve been hemp advocates from the very start—in fact, hemp inspired our name, Nutiva: NUT of Cannabis satIVA.

Our first coconut oil product

We launched our first coconut oil product. Over the years, Nutiva has been a key advocate for the nourishing and versatile properties of cold-pressed, minimally-processed coconut oil.

Hemp industry victory over the DEA

Nutiva took a leadership role in the hemp industry victory over the DEA regarding the regulation of hemp-based food products. Today, we continue to fight for your right to nutrient-dense, organic foods made without chemicals or GMOs.

Nutiva moves to Richmond

As the company grew dramatically in size, Nutiva needed a new home. We opened a new facility in the City of Richmond, California. Since 2012, we have participated in a number of initiatives to support the schools and citizens of Richmond.

The Nutiva School Orchard Initiative

By pledging to plant fruit trees at every public school in Richmond, we helped bring fresh, healthy, school-grown fruit to 28 schools, impacting over 13,000 students. By 2018, Nutiva team members planted 600 trees in Richmond schools.

California Green Business Certification

We obtained California Green Business certification. This distinguishes businesses that protect, preserve and sustain the environment and verifies that we conserve energy and water, minimize waste, prevent pollution, and are working to reduce our carbon footprint.

100,000 coconut seedlings donated in the Philippines

In partnership with the Grameen Foundation, we fulfilled a pledge to donate 100,000 coconut seedlings to coconut farmers. This is one of several initiatives we have participated in to help the coconut farmers who are central to helping the global coconut industry achieve economic stability.

Our Carbon Offset Program

We purchased 1,419 trees from the Alto Huayabama Agroforestry Project in Peru. This will not only sequester carbon from the atmosphere, but also preserve biodiversity, conserve water, protect against natural disasters, and favor small farmers.

Nutiva's Zero Waste Facility

Through our zero waste program, 95% of waste materials from our facility were diverted from the landfill in 2015 and either reused or recycled. The program earned Nutiva the Gold Standard Zero Waste certification from the United States Zero Waste Business Council.

Fair Trade Certification

Our first Fair Trade Certifications were made in 2015 for our Virgin Coconut Oil and O’Coconut snack products. With this certification, funds are deposited into a community fund that farmers can use to invest in projects that improve their farms and strengthen their communities.

Nutiva launches Carbon Farming Initiative

In 2015, we launched a Carbon Farming Initiative that united leaders in action, funded a number of programs and educated the public about the link between soil, climate change and our health.

Launched Organic Liquid Coconut Oil

Our innovative USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified Liquid Oils are crafted through a patented organic process that gently removes the fats in virgin coconut oil that remain solid at room temperature. They’re the world’s first organic liquid coconut oils.

Launched the world's first USDA Certified Organic MCT Oil

Another Nutiva first. Our revolutionary USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified Liquid MCT Oil is created using our patented process. A ketogenic-friendly supplement, it delivers a concentrated serving of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) for clean energy.

Launched the world's first USDA Certified Organic MCT Powder

We followed up the launch of Organic MCT Oil with another first, USDA Certified Organic MCT Powder. This neutral flavored, ketogenic-friendly powder is ideal for blending into beverages as a fast-acting source of energy.

Launched USA-Grown Organic Hempseed

Nutiva was launched with a hemp product, and as pioneers in the industrial hemp and organic superfoods categories we were proud to launch the world’s first USA-Grown Organic Hempseed from a national organic brand.


If you have questions about these certifications or allergy concerns, please contact our Customer Service team at for more detailed information.

Certified Organic

We use the finest certified organic ingredients, grown without pesticides and herbicides — safer for you and for the planet. All our products are certified organic by Quality Assurance International.

Non-GMO Verified

We are concerned about the impact genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have on the health of people and planet. We have always had a non-GMO policy and we promise we will always source only non-GMO ingredients. All our products are verified non-GMO by the Non-GMO Project. The Non-GMO Project is a non-profit organization committed to preserving and building the non-GMO food supply, educating consumers, and providing verified non-GMO choices.

Fair Trade Certified

We support the Fair Trade movement to empower farmers and workers and protect the environment. Two of our Virgin Coconut Oils are Fair Trade Certified.

Fair For Life

Our red palm products are certified fair-trade by Fair for Life. Fair for Life Social & Fair Trade Certification assures that human rights are safeguarded at all stages of production, that workers enjoy good and fair working conditions and that smallholder farmers receive a fair share. Fair trade improves the livelihood of smallholder farmers and workers by providing the means for social community projects.


Many of our products are certified kosher by Orthodox Union (Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America). Please refer to product packaging for details.


Many of our products are certified Vegan. Vegan Action works to eliminate animal suffering, reduce environmental impacts, and improve human health through a vegan diet.

Gluten Free

We acquired gluten-free certification for our chia and coconut flour in 2014. In response to requests from our community, we are pursuing gluten-free certification for additional products.

Palm Done Right

The Palm Done Right mission is to ensure animal habitats and rain forests are preserved, farmers are empowered, communities thrive and the environment is nurtured. Nutiva is a Brand Partner of the Palm Done Right organization.



Climate Collaborative Leader
Address the toughest sustainability problems facing our industry and our planet by building new regenerative business models and agricultural systems.

Leveraging the power of the natural products industry to reverse climate change.

Naturally Bay Area

Nutiva is a Platinum Sponsor
Our mission is to stimulate growth, entrepreneurship and exceptional leadership in the Northern California food and natural products industry; foster sustainable and responsible best practices in our industry; and facilitate collaboration and mutual support among our members.

Coconut Coalition of the Americas

A group of companies in the coconut industry working together to maintain high quality standards and preserve the integrity of the wide array of coconut products available in North America.

Hemp Industries Association

The mission of the Hemp Industries Association, a membership-based non-profit trade group, is to advance the hemp economy and educate the market for the benefit of our members, the public and the planet.

Members of the HIA support ethical business practices, including accuracy in labeling, use of environmentally friendly technologies, sustainable and organic agriculture, high quality products and concern for human rights. It is the intention of the HIA to take all necessary steps to assure consumer confidence in hemp products.

California Green Business

We obtained California Green Business certification in October 2013. This certification distinguishes businesses that protect, preserve and sustain the environment and verifies that we conserve energy and water, minimize waste, prevent pollution, and are working to reduce our carbon footprint.

Zero Waste Facility

Our warehouse and headquarters in Richmond, California is certified zero waste by the U.S. Zero Waste Business Council. This certification distinguishes Nutiva as a business that meets rigorous standards for its waste management. As part of this certification, we must measure and track all material waste generated onsite, and divert at least 90%.

Zero Waste Businesses save money, are more efficient, manage risk, reduce litter and pollution, cut greenhouse gases, reinvest resources locally, and create jobs and more value for their business and the community.

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